Fire Resistant Paint

Developed by Cano Coatings Ltd, PinkShield™ is a high-end, fire resistant intumescent paint formulated to reduce damages that can occur from fire and moisture. Through the use of our specialized formula, PinkShield™ will slow the rate of flame spread allowing for more time to save what's important. In areas of high moisture, PinkShield's dry paint film helps to resist mildew growth — Ideal for wood framed basements, mechanical rooms, bathrooms, attic, crawl spaces & more.

PinkShield is used by PinkWood Ltd. and Cano Coatings Inc. to fire protect millions of linear feet of I-joists, lumber and OSB sold to numerous home builders, contractors and renovators. Cano Coating's PKboard, a structural fire-rated sheathing coated with PinkShield technology.

Cano Coating's PinkShield fire protective paint is now available to companies and homeowners who want to give their building project PINK COAT protection!

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Cano Coatings/PinkShield fire retardant paint

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